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Visit Chinese health good quality oil LONGEVITY FLOWER embryos have you witness

Time:2015-09-08 Browse the number:4233

  Handle every day the news broke the news to see the entrance of food safety is definitely overlooked! Hearsay is true, seeing is believing! Now, follow along with the country's consumers, came Kalanchoe golden corn germ oil "Transparent Factory" in "site visits "Looking for your mind really healthy good oil it! True gold fears fire!

  "Golden Embryo good oil, have your witness," Kalanchoe transparent factory tour to visit the source of the gold embryo will be fully launched in September 12-15! 100 consumer representatives will enter China's earliest and largest manufacturer of corn oil and feel the China's leading brand of corn oil Kalanchoe unique cultural charm, a taste of Kalanchoe green industrial base natural scenery, visiting weekdays mysterious corn oil factory, "Zero" saw Kalanchoe gold embryo corn oil product selection and production process, to witness the "Golden Embryo 12 unique core technology," shaped by excellent product quality!

  It is reported that August 12 to September 6 active enrollment period, at present, registration activity has been successfully concluded, lottery result has been announced, the delegation consisting of the first 100 customers will soon went to research and development as a national corn oil industry Kalanchoe Shandong headquarters base, and green production base in Inner Mongolia, Liaoning. Transparent, open, confident, Kalanchoe will win the trust of consumers with sincerity and strength.

  Quality raw materials, to witness. Make bricks without straw, good raw materials, oil and go! Kalanchoe gold embryos derived from corn oil Kalanchoe green industrial base (northeast, Inner Mongolia, Shandong and other main producing areas of corn gold), production of raw materials "golden embryo germ" growth process over about 120 days plenty of sunlight, the highest nutrition critical point, through the "sense 3 4 inspection" means of detection, the smart net-election process, get in line with the standard "golden embryo germ", witnessed high-quality products from the source!

  Visit the factory, personally checks. Leading technology, round after round of process, nutrition and safety protection! Kalanchoe golden corn germ oil using the original "golden embryo 12" patented core production processes, purely physical cold pressed, eight moderate refining, to maximize the retention of corn germ nutrients, so the whole family to eat at ease, peace of mind. Comprehensive understanding of Kalanchoe gold corn germ oil how to use modern technology, scientific management, good oil extraction bucket of healthy and delicious. Clearance process, you come to check!

  Good barrel oil, health family. Kalanchoe golden corn germ oil, national sales for many years ahead. Kalanchoe advocate universal green healthy eating, Kalanchoe golden corn germ oil with high sterol 8000PPM, high-dimensional E (total of ≥ 100mg), zero cholesterol, and rich in unsaturated fatty acids, corn oil retains the full native nutrients to help keep the love of family health. Bring green and healthy high-quality edible oil for Chinese families, a healthy diet, I started oil! Oil with wood have good health, an up and judge for yourself!

  World is so big, you want to go and see?

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