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March 2011, "Longevity Flower" brand won the 2010 Top Ten most growth Shandong brand name.
April 2011, Longevity Flower Food Co., Ltd. was named the national edible vegetable oil processing 2010 "50 companies", "Longevity Flower" in edible vegetable oil industry ranked first 10 ranked corn oil industry in the first one.
September 2011, "Longevity Flower" Golden corn germ oil was named "nutritional health advocacy products."
November 2011, "Longevity Flower" to join international organizations to promote Health and Longevity new developments in nutrition and health foods, "Longevity Flower" 2011 International Health and Longevity Forum & Health Industry Expo held in Jinan.
November 2011, "Longevity Flower" Golden corn germ oil awarded 2011 health survey of corn oil edible oil brand first.
November 2011, "Longevity Flower" production concept with advanced security and excellent quality, won the ninth annual meeting of China's food safety "Food safety demonstration units."
December 2011, the company passed the high level of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice health food) audit.
December 2011, Longevity Flower Food Co., Ltd. to bring "Longevity Flower" series of products in the "2011 China Food Industry Development and Food Safety Excellent Fair" was named "1981-2011 China Food Industry outstanding contribution to enterprise."
April 2012, Longevity Flower Food Co., Ltd. is eligible thirty strong commentary Chinese nutrition industry.
April 2012, the 2011 China Top 100 list of grain and oil companies, "Longevity Flower" ranked No. 21; 50 Chinese edible oil processing companies list, "Longevity Flower" ranked No. 9, No. corn oil industry a.
May 2012 Fifth China Nutrition Industry Forum held in Beijing
---- China Corn Oil is eligible Wang Mingxing comment Chinese nutrition industry Chairman of the Board awarded thirty strong Chinese nutrition industry leader
May 2012 China Corn Oil Longevity Flower national standards based enterprise Revised Standard Food Co.
July 2012 "longevity flower food" was rated the industrialization of agriculture key state enterprises
September 2012 Longevity Flower food Adds "gold standard" has become the only country corn oil industry R & D base
October 2012 Longevity Flower "high corn oil sterol industrial production technology research and application" project has been identified as the National Food Authority: to reach the international advanced level
March 2013 Longevity Flower Food Co., Ltd. successfully passed the audit IP non-GMO
April 2013 Longevity Flower food was rated ninth, "Shandong Province consumer satisfaction"
May 2013 Longevity Flower food Shandong Province was rated "Ten grain and oil industrial park" advanced enterprise
May 2013 Longevity Flower food passed the "zero trans fatty acids, corn oil technology research and industrialization" and "Study on the process and application of corn oil soap
2014.3: Shandong safety demonstration enterprise culture construction
2013.8: Longevity Flower series as "Chinese Cereals and Oils Association produced products."
2012 annual "Top 50 Chinese edible oil processing enterprises, corn oil processing enterprises in China 10"
2013 .: "High-quality corn oil for industrial production technology research and application" project by the Science and Technology Progress Award Binzhou
2013 .: Corn Industry Co., Ltd. Shandong Samsung honored as "national green business model."
2014: "Production of corn oil industrial quality nutrition study low energy technology" project won the "Chinese Cereals and Oils Association of Science and Technology Progress Award"
2013 Annual Shandong Famous Brand
2014.6: "2013 Annual China Light Industry hundred enterprises" Comprehensive hundred list first 37, the first four agricultural industry
2014.11: National food science and technology demonstration unit
2014.12: Longevity Flower rice germ oil was "IEOE Fifth China International Edible Oil Industry Expo" Gold Award


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