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Dear friends:
 On the occasion of Longevity Flower Food Co., Ltd. listed in Hong Kong on the occasion, on behalf of all my colleagues to our customers and investors to extend my most sincere greetings! Thank our customers for many years Longevity Flower corn oil support and love, I wish our common development in the future cooperation!
 Looking forward to your visit that China Corn Oil, and also to communicate and understand each other between us, but also for all the cooperation between us possible to lay a good foundation. After years of hard work, in the edible oil industry has made considerable progress. Companies promote "people-oriented, the pursuit of excellence" spirit of enterprise, "with first-class corn oil, to provide health guarantee gold embryo-like" as the goal of each employee. Click 3地走势图带连线专业版 hope, you will have every new harvest, let us join hands to create brilliant!
  Wang Mingxing
  Group Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

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